Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a delicate and unfortunately common issue in today’s workplace. We are familiar with and empathetic to the emotional aspects of this kind of trauma. We employ a smart and insightful approach when dealing with these types of cases. By treating each case with the personal attention it deserves, we are able to address a wide breadth of concerns with individualized plans. We cater to your specific issues; we are aware that there is no blanket method of dealing with sexual harassment.

There are two types of sexual harassment covered by the California labor laws: a hostile work environment, and Quid Pro Quo.

The former is the most common. This type of harassment requires proof of unwelcome sexual advances. It also requires a showing that the actions actually had an effect on the victim’s workplace atmosphere, and status of employment. Further, it must be demonstrated that that the employer knew, or should have known, about the harassment, and that the actions in question were in fact unwanted.

The latter involves a higher-up, such as a boss or supervisor, asking for sexual favors in exchange for favorable action(s) on the part of the superior. These actions include hiring, promoting, writing a positive performance review, or choosing not to fire or demote the worker.


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