Filing Suit

If you feel like you have been wronged by your employers, or robbed of what you deserve, then you are not alone. You are among the thousands of other employees who have lost their jobs under similarly unjust circumstances and are looking for some kind of compensation for the trials they have endured. If you were to win your suit, you may be eligible to receive damages, including lost wages, future lost wages, rehiring, certain accommodations, and/or attorneys’ fees. The case may also give rise to punitive and/or emotional distress damages.

Filing a wrongful termination or retaliation suit requires due diligence, extensive knowledge of labor laws, and adherence to a complex procedure. In order to safely traverse this intricate road, you should have a capable and skillful attorney at your side. During this tumultuous time, we can be your mentor, leader, and source of hope.

In order to ensure the best outcome for your case, it is important that you record and document any and all details associated with the incident(s). We can help you with this element of the process, as well as all the steps that come thereafter.

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