Whether or not you have a case

There are many determining factors that go into figuring out whether you can bring a meritable case. Further, there is a long list of indications that your situation does or does not justify legal pursuit.

These potential signs include:

  • Firing following a report of illegal activity
  • Reduced hours or termination due to refusal to engage in illegal activities
  • Lack of training and an employer’s reprimand upon incorrect completion of duties
  • Refusal to pay wages or tips out of personal anger or animosity towards an employee
  • A delayed, improper, or unexpectedly reduced paycheck based on hours you worked
  • Being clocked out for meals for which you did not miss work
  • Assignment of a project without provision of adequate tools or support
  • An injury sustained at work that you reported, but your boss did not disclose to HR
  • Being replaced while using legally entitled vacation days
  • Inconsistency in your boss’s enforcement or creation of rules with respect to different employees
  • Allowing coworkers to act in any manner, even if their actions are illegal or improper
  • Inaction on the part of HR, after you reported a lack of recognition for achievements, or lack of opportunities for promotion
  • Lack of consideration for an open position
  • Your boss’s direction to not tell anyone about his/her engagement in an illegal activity
  • Different treatment in comparison to your coworkers
  • Lack of action in response to coworkers’ bullying of you or others
  • Making a mistake and being punished or admonished in front of coworkers or customers

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