Lior Barkodar

Lior Barkodar

Founding & Managing Attorney


Areas of Practice

Employment Law, Personal Injury Law

Bar Admissions:



University of California Los Angeles, UCLA School of Law

Lior Barkodar is a top-rated attorney who has successfully assisted over 5,000 people to date.

Lior, before branching out and opening his own practice, served as an in-house counsel to one of the most notable and largest trade associations in California.

After receiving his undergraduate education at the University of California Los Angeles, I have been able to attain his law degree from the prestigious UCLA School of Law.

Lior’s past work experience impassioned his rights for workers. Most notably, Lior was an advocate for employees at a non-profit, the Wage Justice Center, where they worked tirelessly to get their employee’s wages rightly earned.

As you would expect, this experience has greatly distinguished the quality of the legal services Lior Barkodar provides. I have lavishly expends his knowledge in getting his clients everything they deserve and are owed while ensuring justice is served.

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